Lapp Kabel

The company was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with ÖLFLEX® the first industrially produced signal cable in the world. Today Lapp Cables produces cables and conductors for different industries and markets: mechanical and systems engineering, the automotive industry, MSR technology, electrical and installations engineering, EDC and more.

  • H05V-K Cable (Black)

    Part Number: 1C x 1mm²
  • H07RN-F CABLE (Black)

    Part Number: 4G 50mm²
  • SKINTOP® MS-M ATE, 25 x 1,5, Clamping Range: 9-17mm, Cable Glands

    Part Number: 53112030
  • SKINTOP® ST-M 32 x 1,5, Clamping Range: 11-21mm, Cable Glands

    Part Number: 53111040
  • SKINTOP® CLICK 16, Clamping Range: 5-9mm, Cable Glands

    Part Number: 53112686